HLG Propagator - use it in Flower?

I wanted to get feedback on peoples thoughts about using the HLG Propagator for the entire grow cycle or should it be removed after the Veg phase ?

I would use it a few weeks into flower when the stretch is complete.

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There’s nothing about it that couldn’t be used seed to harvest. However it is extremely low power light, not really enough intensity to flower well on it’s own.


Is the hlg propogator light strong enough to veg? I was going to get 2 for my 4x2 tent, i just dont know if it will be strong enough to veg, dont want stretchy plants

late response, what I find is if the plants become stretchy then move the light source closer to them. Just my thought, this is an add on lamp which would be of great use if you had the burple (red/ blue) lamps since the HLG is a white light source. Yes, it will do well during Veg/grow and Flower/bloom. Check the fit in a 4x2 tent the hlg lamp is 43" long. Even with two of them you may find a need for higher output (watts). Best to try them out and let us know.

Do yall use the propagator for seedlings?