HLG Double Heatsink

Looking for a source for an HLG double for QB288 boards. HLG has no stock and I’m thinking that perhaps another manufacturer might make a suitable, predrilled alternative.

@dbrn32 Suggestions?

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Glad I went with the 260xl so I can change out the Meanwell Driver so I can have 3 QB288 on the same panel.

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I know there are Chinese knock offs that have similar heatsinks on Alibaba. But I’m not sure if bolt pattern is exactly the same. One of them originally made boards for HLG, they probably do. But I don’t remember which company it was, sorry.

Heatsink USA ?

Following as I was searching for the same heatsink.

Do you mean the Slate 2 heat sink? If so, you can get them through cobkits.


Cobkits has them in stock. Awesome! Thank you.

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