Hlg 600rspec light

Hello everybody
I just got a hlg 600r spec . And I was wondering at what distance I should be hanging it from the top of my Canopy . I have 6 auto flower in there third week of flower in a 4x4 tent. I also have the supplemental uv bar mounted on the 600r.

I don’t think I would go any lower than 24", and maybe even a little higher than that would be better. If this is big upgrade in lights, I would dim some so as not to have large abrupt increase in light intensity. Gradually increase a little bit every few days.


Okay. Thanks for answering my question.

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You can get yourself a Dr. Meter LED light meter. Not to expensive. Just used mine today setting up my XL 260 R Specs. 2 in a 4x4. At 18 inches I was at Approx. 45,000 LUX.
Note; I dialed them down to 198 Watts pulled from the wall. A watt meter helps a lot as well.

I pulled this LUX info right here on ilgm…

Life Stage Maximum Good Minimum
Vegetative ~70,000 lux ~40,000 lux ~15,000 lux
Flowering ~85,000 lux ~60,000 lux ~35,000 lux
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This is a good cheap quantum meter:

I have that meter, except it is branded as Hydro Farm. I used it a few times and it stopped working. Pulled it apart to find the positive wire was not soldered properly and poorly supported. After a re-solder and securing the wire it works again. You can find the Hydro Farm meters on ebay for 65.00…