Hlg 304qb 2700K or 3000K for flowering

Hello, I would like to build an led light but only see the 2700k version available for qb 304. Would I be ok continuing with the 2700k instead of 3000k and what would be the difference. Would I supplement with additional k light during veg and then just 2700k when flowering after stretch? Any input would be appreciated, thanks.

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Hi, @curiousguy, you want our lighting specialist @dbrn32. I’m sure he’ll be with you shortly.


That would be awesome…i was reading some of his stuff and he impressed me, I should have known he was a specialist. Glad I found this website. :heart: it already…


Do you want the light to potentially run both veg and flowering cycles with? I would opt to stay away from 2700k if that is the case. I was there this morning and it appeared that 3500k was available, that would be a better choice if you want to use for both. If not, possibly check on the 288 boards in 3000k or 3500k.


Thank you for the input. I think I will go with the 3500k, it’s just that I want the qb304 because more output and better efficiency as you mentioned in hlg 550 post. Thanks a million you are awesome.

That’s highly suspect to drive currents. You can run a 288 board more efficiently than a 304, or a 304 more efficiently than a 288. I’d have to double check, but at same power levels one is like 1-2% more efficient. So I would lean more towards whichever fits the space more efficiently. You can fit three 288 boards on a single constant current driver in series no problem. Can’t do it with a 304 board. Plus the new 324 board gives some spectral advantages. May be worth looking at too.