HLG 300L RSpec- question about system

Any thoughts on using this system in veg stage as well, seems to be a great flowering light but how is it during all phases? Looking to upgrade over my mars hydro ts 1000, which is doing fine in my little 3x3 tent. I think I’ll use both in there and hope for the best. Currently growing Green Crack x Silver Haze, Gelato and Critical Bilbo. Week 1 of veg for GC and CB, seedling for Gelato. All in coco. Thanks all!!

Rspec is good all throughout the life phases. Bspec would be used for veg only.


Thanks Bobby

2 HLG 260 rspec , plants are in 5 week of veg. Everytime I cut off one leaf it grows back 5


Man those are pretty. I’m in week 1 one of veg on 2 and seedling on a 3rd.

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Did you get your light yet. 1st week of veg is when they take off growing out of control
1st week of veg

2nd week

3rd week


I actually just ordered it this morning and am super stoked to get it. My girls are doing ok, i had a slight nute deficiency and hopefully corrected it with this mornings water/feed. Man your girls look great. Mine are smaller.

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