High Profits Netflix

We just started watching this documentary on retail Marijuana business in Colorado. Have watched 2 episodes and it appears very interesting. Has anyone here watched. I did a search and nothing came up. Kind of surprising that it hasn’t been discussed here.

Watched it all a couple days ago, in 1 day lol. It was an interesting look into the starting up of business and trying to pioneer an industry. The troubles they go through with the politics and back stabbers makes for a good show :slightly_smiling:

Been watching up to episode 4 checked other shops mentioned in doc. Stores are open didn’t see anything on the BBC store planning on taking trip,to chk it,out,here taxes are high,on purchases and limited to smoke friendly hotels they have a 420 travel agency

We have just finished Episode 4 as well. I did a google search on the Club and found the name is now Backcountry something. so we know changes are in store…I like the dynamic of the advisor chick who has decided to grow and thinks she is all over the opportunity. Meanwhile the star has already started his grow house and is weeks ahead of her.

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Jump on the green rush if you can… The train is leaving the station…
All aboard…:smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiley::smile::wink::relaxed: