Hide the marijuana smell

A question from a fellow grower:

It has been years since I smoked pot, and of course so many new things are out. I am in a difficult situation. I use it medicinally, but have a roomie/landlord, that if I ever got caught here with that smell on or near me I’d get thrown out in a heartbeat! I am working on other methods besides smoking (it actually makes me sick to my stomach, but once passes I am able to sleep). Since I cannot make edibles in-house bcuz of smell, and am afraid of getting caught outside by authorities, no less coming back in with smell…can you recommend any solution to being able to smoke discreetly outside besides a vaporizer (I cannot afford one!!!)??? I am using it so that I can sleep without waking up 1000x a night from the pain in my body.

Any suggestions???

Go somewhere else to smoke and use a breath mint and have a spare shirt and deodorant or make edibles elsewhere other than where you live and if you can’t do that quit lol

A vaporizer does not really hide the smell. It will still smell like marijuana, just not as intense and the smell won’t linger or permeate your clothing as badly.

The only option might be a really good air filter. The ones with ionizing capabilities would be best. You would want a powerful one near your door, or maybe your room’s door and maybe another one right by where you smoke or vape and exhale the smoke or vapor directly into the intake of the filter. Otherwise Brendan’s suggestions might work for you.