Hey new growers buy your grow lights on payments!

Just wanted to put it out there that hlg and numerous other grow stores online offers a 4 payment option through Sezzle. Make 4 equal payments scheduled for every 2 weeks and save yourself the pain of dropping 500 dollars or more all at once!!! I’m sure I’m not the only person aware of this but I was not aware until this summer. For all you new growers this is an amazing opportunity we should all take advantage of if we can. I got my current tent and light on payments. Otherwise I would still be wishing i could grow


make sure you can still afford your mortgage/rent payments, or you’ll be sleeping outside in your grow tent :laughing:

Just be smart, anyone looking to do this, go over your numbers first. Also read that if you miss a payment they will charge you fees, not sure how much though.


Everything starts with a plan! And then there’s the back up plan. But more often than not with adequate planning and like you said a through going over all the numbers and when done right you almost always succeed the first try. With the job i have simple mistakes caused by poor planning can be very very exspensive. The saying for me goes. Don’t hit GO until I KNOW. meaning if I’m not absolutely certain what I’m about to do is going to work then i back up and rethink what is happening. Ask myself what is the goal of this task? Then i ask is it absolutely necessary for this to be done to such a high standard and then if it is required that my finished part be to an extremely high standard then I must take time to consider value vs reward in this situation where I’m growing cannabis. We all want exceptional cannabis and truly nothing less if possible right? So my thoughts were i should dive in head first into the very deep end bc i want nothing less than HUGE Dense colas. So to save the budget sacrifices were made to the weed budget. I quit spending money on buying weed and started spending it on growing. I’ve made every mistake one could make growing indoors and I’ve grown a few lbs outdoors in my life. But the worst mistake was buying inadequate light. Inadequate light leads to inadequate weed and we can just buy that off the street. So as @Dave101 said. Invest wisely! And don’t spend more than you make!!! I’m not saying to shelf lights are a must. It’s not about the price but it’s about the PAR!


Personally been using Sezzle to spread out some of the burden. It’s pretty simple like it states and works on a ton of places!


I wouldn’t even have started if not for sezzle and payments. I’m a pay check to pay check person and most times it’s only just enough to get by. But with my first harvest I saved a couple hundred bucks by not buying smoke. It was time for bigger harvests and I plan to grow continuously unfortunately only in one tent right now so it’s too long between harvests i think. Unless I can get closer to a lb harvest

Stager your starts. When you are approximately 6-weeks from harvest start another plant. There are growers on the site that run 12/12 start to stop. Just put them in the same tent. I’ve never done it I have a small inexpensive tent I use for my veg tent.

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Just don’t have the space