Hey guys ive got something new for you

Very nice Grow Bro! What’s the ratio per capsule :love_you_gesture:

Im not 100% sure yet im not good with the math

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Just curious, I infuse oil and butter with a Leevo 2 infusing machine and typicall use 5-7 grams per 8 ounces of oil. So far that amount works :love_you_gesture:

I used one ounce of bud and one litre of MCT oil

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Sounds like the same I use if I break it down. I might have to give the capsules a try. My son cooks with the oil and sure he’ll like this :love_you_gesture:

You can use anything you have… doesn’t have to be buds

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The problem with infused oils is you really have to know the %of thc of the plant you start with… those calculators are just ok… but if you want very accurate dosing, qwet is the way to go


@Caligurl i would say the thc % of the weed i used is the GG was 24% and the purple lemonade was 23% i dont know if this helps

The 2 percentages 24%and 23%, the Thc level
Will be the average of the 2 numbers.
Probably around 20%to 23ish%

Thank you for the share.
Sharing is caring, thanks.