Hey Fiz, can you help with orchids?


Hello, been awhile sine we chatted. My wife saw your orchids on one of my post and would love to know your routine. If at all possible to let us know.

Any help to get hers in shape would be great.


Hello there! I don’t really have a routine per se, but I fed my orchid with some run-off from a nute feed, and it went nuts. I did repot UT recently and it’s resting right now. It lives on top of my microwave, and gets light from a north facing window. I water her in the sink until water runs off once a week. I leave her to drain. They don’t care for wet feet.

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Well, i will try that, except my runnoff is earth dust, but it may give them the boost.

Thanks for replying

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I know there are a few orchid growers around here but couldn’t recall specifically. Gave search a try

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