Hermed at the end of week 4 flower

So after doing some very light pruning tonight I found a plant that had pollen sacks. I have 4 plants in this grow tent. Grow tent is wrapped with shipping blankets to help insulate grow tent and block any light leaks if there were any. No electronics in the grow tent that emit light Im just sick right now. Any advice would be helpful.

4x4 Mars Hydro Grow tent
Mars Hydro TS3000W light
Ocean forest soil
Fox farm nutrients
3 gallon fabric pots
4 - 6" clip on fans
InkBird humidity controller
InkBird heat controller
4" vent fan with carbon filter

Temp 77 degrees during the day 72 at night
12-12 light schedule
55% humidity
White Widow from ILGM

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Damn that sucks. U can try cutting off any pollen sacks u see and see what happenes. I did that before and they didnt come back

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Damn that sucks! Sorry to hear. You sure your timer is working properly? Can you get in the tent, turn the grow light off, then have someone else close up and put the blankets on like usual? Make sure it’s definitely not a light issue. You know, occam’s razor and all. If your temp and humidity is as you say. What other stressor could it be? Could just be genetic but I’d rule out light for sure first