Hermaphrodite early harvest?

I saw a bud that look different (yellow flower) about a week ago. I was hoping I was just being paranoid, but my fear was confirmed a couple of days ago. I broke open a couple of buds and found a couple small underdeveloped seeds (from more than one plant). I panicked and cut them all down (7 weeks into flowering). The Gold Leaf and Chocolope looked about ready to harvest anyway. But the Bruce Banner and Amnesia Haze still had buds with 100% full erect white pistils. My question is will they be any good? Enough THC content to get high?

@Bitcoin I dont believe you have a Hermie, hermies usually produce “Pollen Sacks” not Seeds. it could just mean that you’ve come into contact with some male pollen somewhere and you’ve seeded a couple of your plants. In my opinion, you might have been better off leaving them to flower out. The Smoke if cured properly will be absolutely delicious and the high just as incredible! THC production stops when Female plants are pollenated. so the levels of thc would most likely be marginal. I just know Trichrome production increases tremendously in the last few days. All in all You did what I or any other grower would have done. Dont risk it. Chop Chop. Make sure to post some pics of those cured buds! and Stay Green!

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Thanks that’s what I was hoping to hear! It’s my own personal smoke so seeds with high THC would have been ok. I was under the impression once seed production started the plant would use it’s resources to produce seeds and not more thricomes. This is an early sample of Bruce Banner #3 :grin:


You should have let them finish… the only time you might chop is if you run a perpetual grow and are introducing new plants into the same grow area… other then that , I would have let them finish… :wink:
Now you know…
It should still be pretty good medicine… :wink:
Next time find the nanners and pluck them before they open and you should be good to go… :wink: