Her first lst how she looking

Her first lst on Day 24

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Looking like a nice little lady. What is she? What kind of space is she (going) to be living in?

@Underthestairs she’s Sour diesel auto she’s in about a six gallon pot inside a 3x3 tent

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That’s awesome. I have 2 sour diesel seeds getting prepped to be outside kids in a handful of weeks. Good luck!

@Underthestairs she’s definitely getting bigger by the day this her today

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I love watching them grow. Looking solid.

Right I’m waiting for my GSCX auto bean to pop

Looking good how old ?

@Randy_Marsh she is 26 days

It’s going at a good pace

@Randy_Marsh yeah hopefully my lights are significant enough

What kind are you using ?

@Randy_Marsh it’s a combined total of 239w between the two a 85w blue purple and 150w pb

Just put them closer than the recommended distance , I would run my mars hydro ts 600 like 6-8 inch from canopy but the light can be only be use one per plant in that way

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