Help with Yellowing Leaves on Sour D youngster

I noticed some yellowing of these leaves today:

Should I be worried? Diagnosis?

  • ILGM Sour Diesel Auto, Sprouted on 7/16 in a 2x2x4 Grow tent
  • DWC in a 5 gal bucket
  • PH today about 6.09
  • Nutrient solution 573ppm / EC of 1.07 (slightly below FF Recs for Week 2)
    Nutes are Fox Farms Big Bloom (2 tsp/gal) and Grow Big 1 tsp/gal) + Hydroguard
    Solution is about 3/4 inch below the bottom of net pot.
  • Spider Farms SF1000 light
  • Solution Temp about 75F. / 22C
  • 42%
  • Ventilation system with Carbon filter
  • Co2. Hanging Bag
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I imagine your plant is and will continue to suffer nute problems due to ph problems. If that’s a 5 gal bucket, I would highly suggest going and buying a the biggest and deepest tote you can find. It will not only help some with ph but also give your plants more room to grow.

Thanks. I will look into that. Ph control was not an issue on my first grow, and I ran fairly high nute concentrations. A big difference was that I was able to keep the res about 5 degrees cooler because it was in the fall. That first grow was with Northern Lights Auto, which I think is a little more resilient than the Sour D.

You need to drop that down to 1 1/2 to 2"

This is too warm and run the risk of root rot. Plus; warmer water holds less dissolved O. You really need to be below 70F in hydro.

Unless you are running insane light levels (and you definitely are NOT) this is a waste of time. Those bags don’t put out anything like a usable amount of CO2: 1,400 ppm in a closed loop system with 1,500 µmoles/j/m2 lighting and full environmental controls are necessary.

If you could bump that up to 50 or 60% that would help right now.

Strongly recommend you replace bucket with a tote: 27 gallon yellow topped tote is about right for DWC: the problem is the bucket only holds 3 to 3.5 gallons. When plant is larger and starts consuming water and nutes you will be refilling daily. Plants can easily drink a gallon or more per day. Plus in flower the PH tends to crash so you will be fighting that through the entire second half of your grow.

Adding capacity (and a chiller) will greatly help your success. Adding a rez outside the grow space will help as well.


@Myfriendis410 - Thanks for all the tips. I ran a flush from Saturday morning to this afternoon and moved my girl to a bigger setup. It’s a 20 gallon tote as the 27 gallon ones would not fit in my (too small) tent. I have tried to get the tent cooler. The lesson there is don’t start a grow in the middle of a heatwave without a chiller. My tap water is coming out at 75 degrees.

The flush seems to have helped a lot. The roots look better already.

What should I do about the damaged leaves? Do I just pluck them now, or leave them until some other fan leaves come in?

Really that’s up to you. Leaves won’t recover.

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Well, I did a 2 day flush and cut nutes way back to about 400ppm. Brigitte Bardot is showing signs of nute burn again, or at least some yellowing leaves. This time, its all the fan leaves. I just don’t think Brigitte is going to make it.