Help with spots and tips

Have a little bit of this going on, Cal/Mag problem? Other wise plant looks good.

What strain, GDP Seed bank, 

Method: Soil , mix of fox ocean and heavy on worm castings

Vessels: Pots, 3 Gallon for making smaller plant

PH of Water, Read worm castings were normally around 7.0, So been watering with 6.1 for a bit then adjusted to 6.5. Hard for me to check runoff my catch pan is small.


Indoor or Outdoor: Indoor

Light system 1200 watt and 300 watt Led's with math saying about 62 watts per sq foot, if my math is good?

Temps; Day: 72-81, Night: 68-72

Humidity; Day: 39-51 Night: 40's

Ventilation system; Yes, 6" fan with 18 inch carbon filter

AC, Humidifier, De-humidifier,:No

Co2;:, No
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Must fill out a trouble ticket here on the forum you can find it. Most times people think they have a deficiency when in reality it is a pH imbalance problem causing a lock out of essential elements needed. People pour more calcium in there instead of fixing the pH problem, and yo will only know that by checking the pH at the root zone. Hope that helps, there are several great growers on here that can pick out problems if you fill out the trouble ticket. Happy Growing !


I agree with @zparkie2 I would start with verifying or calibrating my pH probe then get a runoff see where you’re at make adjustments accordingly. Overall your plant looks good. good luck.

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the aluminum foil turkey pans are great for small grow drain pans. less than $2

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Will work on some how getting run off PH and get back to everyone. Thanks all!