Help with seedling and germination stage

Hey i germated my seed cover them with a bag and put in a closet untill it sprouts is this ok please help

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Did it work? Anything is OK so long as it works.


Only been one day its in a jiffy pot with a jar now in my closet with no light idk if that was right

They will need light when they emerge from the soil. It is important to keep the seed bed warm. 78 F - 80 F is a good range.


What about before they emerge right after i have a tap root and put in dirt is light need before they emerge??

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No light needed until they break ground :love_you_gesture:


I use the paper towel method.

Then put in jiffy pot with a jar over it and place by window with regular light on all day

And the other seed I put in 5 gallon pot after paper towel method and put by a different window with jar over it and they both using regular ceiling light and daylight

My seed broke ground yesterday but I was the root coming out the dirt not the cotylen
Smh I tried to fix it and put back in dirt next time I guess I need to bury deeper

II was scared. It wasn’t going pop in the darkness so I took it out the closet and put by window and then that happen

It should work

Idk what to do with ththis beside give it more time i believe this is 6 day after paper towel method

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Plant fell to side after photo

Its now in a doom

It’s been legit 2 week this all I have from my autos and 2 of them dies first time not going to good


The RH is perfect but the temps are super low for the seedling stage and the medium looks super dry. I would recommend getting the temps in the 78-85 range and water a nice ring about 2-3” outside the main stem. Is that coco? If so what nutrients are you feeding :love_you_gesture:


No nutes at the time
And yes thatvis coco


Coco is void of nutrients, what nutrients do you have or plan in using :love_you_gesture:

General hydroponics trio plus grotone

Hey do anyone have an idea of what these black spots are

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Do a thorough pest inspection on top and under the leaves :love_you_gesture:

I did that
Only pest is fungis nat

Hey guys sorry ive e been away some family issues… here a update

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