Help with my start please

I need to know is this normal my plants have a chemical look to them I think it’s because I’m in hot soil is this correct?

It’s hard for anyone to see with the blurple lights. Might get more help with clear pics under regular lighting or flash.


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Fox Farm nutes work I don’t care what anybody says on that topic if done correctly they are definitely your friend.


They look good to me. Only used Big Grow by FF. I’m a NOTG Guy.

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They look great to me.

What is NOTG?

Nectar Of The Gods nutrients.

Pretty good shit?

Well, I really like it. It’s an organic line that is all calcium based. Some will argue that it’s expensive and is tedious when using the different products, but I’m ok with it. My plants are thriving on it.

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Got pics of your girls?

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Just looked at your post. Nice.

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I thought you’d never ask :blush:


I did a lot of LST and FIM to keep them bushy.

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What is lst?

Low stress training. You use wires to pull branches down so the light reaches the inner nodes.

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Helps increase yields by promoting more budsites. My plants have no less then 25 budsites each.

I’m gonna try that out when do u start doing that?

This guy ^^ has you covered :wink:
Il just add my 2penny worth…the 1st pic was her 1st LST, i was scared but got it done and im pleased with the results so far…

this is her now, 11weeks in and on day 3 of flower…

Have a look at some training methods, you will find them interesting even if you dont end up using a method, its all knowledge under the belt :wink:

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