Help with led lighting distance

I have a 405w led (big one) and the other 4 are all 125w. Iv tested each with a watt meter.
Total I have 900w and there about 35 inches away, I just flipped to 12/12 Tuesday. I had one led in the back left, it was super bright and bleached my plant a bit so I swapped it out with a different one.
The leds are all brands I don’t know, I bought them from someone so I don’t have any specs…
-I run some co2 and my meter usally says 800+ppm
-Stays about 50% to 60% humidity
-Temp stays from 75f to 80f
-I’m using the advanced nutrients line up beside budfactor x and terantula
Do I need all that light yet? Is it to far away? Does more light higher make for more even lighting or am I wasting my money?