Help with ID AF vs PD early stage

ok so i totally boneheaded this - i forgot and didnt label my plants. so - here we have 8 plants, 3 should be CBD photo period and 5 should be gorilla glue auto flower, all bought here (or it could be 4/4?). of them, one each are 6 weeks old, the rest 4 weeks. can anyone tell which is which? i keep getting fooled because they all are producing flowerlets, some more than others, some seem to have fatter leaf prongs but then again the flowerlets throw me off.

does growing AF right next to PD maybe cause some early/false flowering of the PD?

my plan is to go into the ground with the 2 best PDs, but i dont know which ones! plus i want to start a flowering fertilizer on the AFs only.

note that the one that looks biggest isalso in a 15 gallon container that is taller, but i “think” this is the 6-week PD

otherwise - all organic outdoor grow, started under light in the garage then moved outside at 1 week; soil is mix of potting soil in the beginning, then up-potted to a box store garden blend with top soil, organic (Microlife brand) fertilizer and my own horse manure-based compost fortified with kitchen scraps (non meat) and all the offal from fish that i catch. I am in southeast Texas.
5 files here and the next 5 in reply.

the other 5 files from above


All I got is that outdoors the autos will flower first. The photos won’t start flowering until fall.

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The reason why your plant are starting to flower is they were put out too early In a month they are gonna transition back into veg mode


thanks - so i guess i have to wait a week or three and see which ones continue to flower - i.e. the AFs. some do have more flowerlets on the insides…maybe thats the difference…