Help with grow tent set up gdp

I went to grow 4-6 gdp autoflowers and desperately need help with the set up … please help a brother out :innocent::grinning::heart:

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What is it you need help with?

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I’m trying to decide what the best size tent and lights would be for 4-6 autoflowers money is a issue maybe have 500 total to spend on the set up

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500 will be a hard budget for that many plants you may want to try 1 or 2

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Right now there’s a ton of sales on growlights I got an email a little while ago for this vipar it’s a pretty good deal and light to get started with. Then you can pick up a decent 2x4 tent for a hundred bucks but then you’ll still need fans pots soil food. I grow with an organic mix that is super cheap way to go and will grow quality buds, but organic is a little slower than chemicals and salt

Don’t scrimp on lighting. Every thing else is secondary. You can have perfect genetics, adequate soil and good fertilizer and it all be for naught because you bought a burple.

Do you need a filter? Or even a tent? Autos don’t “need” either to grow nice plants.

Another option would be to wait. Get the lighting issue and whatever else you can afford. Start if you can and when you can afford the rest, upgrade your grow, I started with a cheap setup that had everything. Lighting was inadequate and I upgraded before flowering.

I’m currently looking to upgrade again. Looking at something from HLG.


That quantity of plants rules out a 2x4 tent. Do you have to use a tent, can you convert a closet into a grow space to save on the tent cost? Generally speaking you will have over $500 in a light, filter and fan. The light is everything spend the $ on a good LED light it will save you $ in the long term. Don’t skimp on the light even if you have to purchase your entire set up over a period of time. If you go that route buy the light last so you can keep your warranty for the longest time period