Help with bugs in soil

Hello i have a gnat well i assume that’s what they are…so far ive dried my plant out …sprayed with a neem oil solution and layed a top layer of Diatomaceous Earth…cant get rid of them.
any real advice would be welcomed and appreciated tried to post video but the site won’t allow it.

Use BTi. It’s available in mosquito bits or in an easy to use pure form from eBay.


Are you in flower?

sorry for the late response…no i was about to start flowering.but need to kmow what type of budget lighting would be appropriate to do so.can nematodes be used in flowering stage?how bout that bti can it be uses at all stages?thanks for the tip

BTi is watered in. It’s effective anytime.
I’m assuming nematodes are too.

i appreciate the insight. its my first grow, so im learning as i go.

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hello so i purchased these at lowes …would u be able to give me brief instructions on how to use them.also i bought some lady bugs can i use them also