Help with a second plant grow

Hopefully I am putting this in the right place, please correct if not.

I grew 3 plants last round, followed the fox farms feeding schedule to the T. Realized I didn’t have enough light, added light, used RO water(oops), nutrient burned, light burned and lost control of PH. Way low. Corrected all, added Calmag and started feeding half and then got a great harvest.

This time I have been anal about PH. 6-6.5, feeding half the RX and using tap water with calmag.

Grow is good but something is still up. Any tips?

What strain, Jack H

Method: Organic soil

Vessels: Cloth Bucket

PH of Water, 6.5

TDS: 900


Light system: LED

Temps; see chart below, cooler at night. 12/12 right now

Humidity; see Chart, It was raining yesterday, Made humidity very high.

Ventilation system; blower with carbon in a 36x36x 48 tent


Co2; No

Calcium and N deficiencies. Cal mag at max recommended dose on water only days.