Help to evaluate first set up, 9 day old seedlings

Hello to everyone! First time setting a lil grow space and I want to check it out here to improve it.
Also I don´t know if the seedlings are too leggy and I should bring the lights down…

The designated space is inside a 3ft x 3ft shower.
I´ve got two 12inx8in 600w 60 pc “lighttimetunnel” LED lights
Humidity and temp probe and 1 gal humidifier (humidity levels and temp always in range)
Little vent window and two 4in vents inside the shower

Got some several amount of seed out of a Landrance and I´m just trying out this …

Here are some pics out of the seedlings and the lights…
(Both lights are hanged 36in up)

Should I get reflective Mylar?
Are seedlings getting enough light or are they too leggy? They are 9 days old

How many plants should i flower or veg in that lil shower with those lights?

Thank you so much and I hope with time I can bring something good to the forum!


They’re up too high - you can see it in how stretchy tall your plants are. The first set of leaves is usually with a few inches of the topsoil. If you can bury some of the stem by filling in more soil, I sure would. Also drop the lights down to 18-24” and watch for signs of heat stress (leaves curling or tacoing upward) to make sure it’s not too much light for em.

Since your walls are white, not much benefit in lining with Mylar. They’re already fairly reflective. I grow in a bedroom, never had a desire to add Mylar after growing out a few in the plain white.

In a 3x3, I’d probably go for 4 max.

Since you’re using bag seed (I’m assuming since you said it came from a landrace), pretty good odds at least a couple of those are gonna be males. You can keep them all alive until they either get too big for your space or you can sex them and cull any males you may have.


I do 4 autos in a 3x3 and its fairly tight. If I was doing photo’s in there I would do 2 with an extended veg so I could train them to fill the space.

@Graysin is spot on, as usual. Gotta get thise lights down.

Can you link your lights data sheet, I searched but couldnt find em.

Thats a ton of plants in that lil room your gonna end up culling alot of them.

What are your plans for exchanging the air in your growspace?

Love your ambition!


Definitely need more light imho


Agree and possibly introduce small oscillating fan for slight seedling sway (strengthen stalks).
Top dressing for small mound burial of stalk will provide soil support (anywhere, up to cotyledons).


Welcome to the community , Seedlings look healthy. Small amount of stretch but you can fix that. 4 plants can be done but very tight. I like to allow a 2 x 2 space for each plant. Good luck :v:


Welcome to the community :blush: like everyone up there :point_up_2:t3: has said lower your lights and mound some soil around the tall stems. That is an awesome job so far to have that many going. Watch for a male invasion Happy growing :blush::v:


Hey! Thank you so much for your response and help, I just lowered the lights down to 24inch and I´ll keep an eye on the leaves.
There are some good news and it seems I´m going to be able to design a flower room with a couple of 1000w leds so this little shower its going to be a vegetative nursery for us (I´ll keep updates here from the other flower room).
The idea is to veg these out, clone and sex them to get rid off the males
Thank you so much again!

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Hey Doncnraq and thanks for your help! So as mentioned seems like this showers it´s going to be kept only to veg plants out and I´m about to start building a flower room. Right now only two static 10 in fans inside and a little window vent from the shower. Couldn´t find some small oscillating fans around here.
Thank you so much again

Ok so I´ll top off with soil as much as I can then. Thanks for the help!!

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Blessings and hopefully we fix the stretch!! Thanks for the warm welcome!


Thank you so much! lights already down to 24in and going to prepare some soil to top off the pots and bury them a little bit. I´ll keep everyone posted here with the other room and the progress of all of these!! Thank you and everyone for your time and help

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So when you see that on LED lights it generally means 1000w HPS/MH equivalent. Look for watts drawn from the wall in the spec sheets. Be so careful about buying lights. Dont buy them from ebay! @dbrn32 is a light genius! Always ask him before you buy a light. Guy knows his lights, and is a moderator so you can bank on an answer within a day.

I have a Mars Hydro ts1000 came with my first tent kit. It only draws 150 watts from the wall. Its good for 1 plant and a small one at that.


Hey! Im sorry bout the late response but I went out the country to work.
Ok thank you. I´ve read and investigated (it´s a complete world on its own this lighting things) and I spottted some in my budget on .
Here are the claimed specs by the manufacturer:

So a room it´s becoming available where I´m at, my idea is to close up an area of 7.80 ft x 11.80 ft room with a small minisplit , an 12" extractor on a wall, 4 oscillating wall fans and a 1 gal dehumidifier…
Thinking of building a 35inch wide x 95inch long table that can come up and down and just above of it a couple of these lights I´m showing, is that a nice flowering setup?

Thank you so much for all of your comments and knowledge… @dbrn32

blessings to everyone

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Hello and here back with the update and results so far.
It´s day 23 I think, I was out for 12 days. Lights were kept at 24in. Plants look pretty happy to me.

You can spot one in the 3rd row middle that is small/dwarfish looking as de one on the far back.

Seems like in a couple weeks I could clone and figure out what plants are female. Also there are two strains XD.

Thanks to everyone and I´ll keep posting.


Make sure you read up on how to make all of this stuff work together. Usually when ac is used it’s attempted in sealed room as to not constantly exhaust all your conditioned air. When this happens is also Usually required to supplement co2 as there will be no air exchange to replace the co2 plants consume.