Help to create a bitcoin account

Can anyone out there guide me on how to set up a bitcoin account I am fed up with my ■■■■■■■■■■ payments being declined although funds are present?

I can’t help with bit coin
But will ask did you contact the cc company and let them know to allow overseas purchases
Most have had to do this but once set up they don’t have a issue ?

You just need to download and install whichever bitcoin wallet app you want to use, then you can purchase bitcoin through the app. Most of them take a small commission, of course. I have only used “coinbase” on Android, and it works well for me. I can’t speak to any of the others. Anyway, it’s really simple to use. I hope that helps! :v:

I like coinbase. I’ve been using them for a few years now

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Coinbase or Zella works.

I had about $60 worth sitting in my account for a while, finally needed it for something and spent it right before the price shot WAY up a while back. I was completely gutted. I would’ve made like $4000 had I waited a few weeks.

How will you feel when it gets back up there and you didnt buy in again?
Buy bitcoin! Cryptocurrency is the future

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I’m going to. I’m not sure what I’m waiting on, since it’s back down.

I just got my Ledger Nano S cryptocurrency hardware wallet and am ready to go! I’m also using Coinbase to purchase bitcoin.

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Very nice. And hey, welcome to ILGM! :v: