Help tacoing senoiritas

Can’t figure out what is going on with my plants and it’s driving me nuts. The plants overall look healthy they have good color, but the 1st two sets of leaves from the top are tacoed really bad and drooping down.

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Post some pics Grow Bro :love_you_gesture:

7 gl pots with fox farm ocean forest at 1050 ppm. Ph 6.6
Ppfd 900 at tops
Growers choice roi e 680s at 20 inches from tops
Day 23 from 12/12
Day temps 74°
Night temps 63°
Humidity 59%

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One plant has been finicky from the start. It had three cytolodons and has topped itself twice

I also wanted to apologize for leaving everyone in the middle of my last grow, life happened work, Hermie’s and family. I appreciate everyone who has helped me get where I’m at today


I’ve got three plants in this setup and it’s two of them I’m wondering about. The only thing I notice is that the one that I’m not seeing any issues with has a lot lighter green color

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That’s what we usually call “clawing,” and it’s typically a sign of excessive nitrogen. Are you adding any nutrients, or are they on water only?

Have you checked the pH coming out after watering?


Yes ph is 6.6 and 1050 ppm. I feed nutes then water only twice before feeding nutes again checking runnoff evertime

Pics are helpful

Those to me look hungry for nitrogen. Do you have a sprayer?

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Yeah, that one is the odd one out, no doubt. She looks hungry, compared to the other two.

I really don’t know I just fed them and runoff was 1050

I agree with Graysin here, what are you feeding and how much per gallon?

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Advanced nutrients
Micro 14 ml
Grow 14ml
Bloom 14 ml
B52_ 8 ml
Big bud_ 8 ml
Bud candy 8 ml

You don’t need these. They cause more problems than they are worth.

These comprise a complete nutrient product, though I’m not sure if the AN product needs cal/mag or not.


Amen @MidwestGuy !!

I was thinking because foliar sprays are a gentle way of adding nutrients, that a natural nutrient like Neptunes Kelp and Fish could be applied in foliar application. Its screened to 150 microns and does not burn. I have immense success with foliar and see results very quickly @purpdaddy420 .

Also, wouldn’t hurt to try a little CalMag too, unless that is already part of your feeding schedule.

I’ve used this nutrient line since I started and never had any issues I use tap water that comes out anywhere from 60 to 100. Ph has always been within parameters. I’m giving I need to flush and reset my medium. I’m only at 3/4 strength and I didn’t want to go full strength because it burned my plants pretty good last time. The only difference is that I vegged these plants for 8 weeks this time instead of the usual 4. Started in solo cup then 1 gl to 7 gl. So maybe they will handle it better

I forget I used recharge about two weeks ago I don’t know if that would have anything to do with it. I’ve had call mag on my list, just never bought it I’m going to go pick some up today. Should I mix it with the nutes or use it on water only days

Could just be one plant is a little more sensitive to nutrients.

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