Help setting up scrog

What’s up fellow growers. Installed net it’s 20" high made 20 so it would be easier on my back and be able to get to the back also… my ? Is I haven’t done any LST topped them haven’t tied anything dwn I have 3 plants 2 og kush 1 pot has 2 plants bagseeds don’t know sex figure once I can determine sex if one is male I will just cut him out…do I just wait until they grow more to start trainingUploading…

Hey bro, I say they are ready to start LST. They look good and healthy so start training where you want them to go… I’m 6 days into flower on my first Scrog and started training when they were about 14 days in veg. The two larger vegged for 6 weeks and the smaller one for 21 days. I’m thinking they will fill up the 3’ x 2’ screens with stretch. Looks like your on the right track! Keep updating pics!

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Thks will start training got 3 babies ready to go in right after these finish

??? Going to order advanced nutrients ph perfect been using technaflora recipe for success how do I introduce new nutrients to grow

Two choices. One, just jump straight into the new nutrient schedule. Two, the one I would recommend for you, flush your plants to remove the old nutes from your medium and immediately water with a quarter dose of new nutes. From there begin building up your PPM until you find the plants happy spot :slightly_smiling:
I suggest the flush route for you because of switching to pH perfect in order to avoid any pH imbalance issues.

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Ok cool that diffently sounds like the route to take…thks

No problem! I use AN Sensi in coco that’s pH perfect myself :slightly_smiling:

@JTheH Agree with the flushing. Only thing I would add is that, each time when you water/feed, allow 20% drain off so the pH will not become a problem. Even with pH perfect you can get pH lock if you allow too much build up in the soil. :+1:


True that. I water drain to waste for that reason and to prevent salt buildup.