Help raising humidity

I have 32x32x60 and 4x4x8 tents and am having trouble keeping the humidity up.
I live in western Colorado very dry.
I have a humidifier in each tent but they dont seem to be helping. I have the intake hooked up to the swamp cooler and that takes care of the temperature and helps with humidity but sometimes it drops to the teens never higher than 35%. Any ideas are greatly appreciated.

Welcome to the forum great people around to help you.

What’s your tents temperature’s?

During the day between 75 and 85 depending on out side temperature.

At night it drops to mid 60s.

Typically it’s more effective to humidify the room the tent is in.

I added a wet towel to the inside of the tent to raise it. Cheaper than a 200 or 300 dollar humidifier.

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