Help.... please? Yellowing in DWC and limp

Did a refresh on my rez’s yesterday…

Ph is 6.8
Ppm is around 800 (using an jungle juice, 3 part with gen hydro feeding schedule)

Water temp is 68.8

They are limp and starting to turn lime green with some yellowing…

I had an extra air pump 1050gph so I put that in there in case it was oxygen deficiency this morning… hoping to see a change, before the swap, they were perfect…


Why is your ph so high? Sweet spot for DWC ph is 5.8, your a full point above that, most likely causing nute lockout.

My bad… it’s 5.8

Angle of pictures make it had to see, but water level should be 1-1.5" below net pot. If roots aren’t down to the water level then you need top feeding.
Temp is great. I run at the same temp. PPM is adequate but I run higher unless I see nute burn. I am very familiar with GH Flora trio series. (I switched to Jack’s Nutrients 5-12-26 part A and 15-0-0 part B because it works great and much less expensive).

Leaves look limp as if water level might be an issue? If roots are ok, then I would just monitor and see if anything gets worse.

You can’t mix feeding schedules and brands.

How far below net pot is rez? There should be 1 1/2 to 2" gap. What is rez temp? How much light? We need WAY more information. What PH meter are you using? When was it calibrated? Was this picture taken just before lights out or just after lights on?

Rez temp is as stated in the original post,
Meter is calibrated with supplied calibration kit.
As for feeding schedule, I actually consulted here and about 20 people said it’s the same as the general hydro micro, grow and bloom so use the same measurements… and on a couple other forums it said the same, and if you calculate the NA measurements with the Gen hydro measurements, they are actually within a few ml…

Also… light is a 1500w LED, I have a 1000w MH I am switching over too, but I’m afraid to do that until I get this straight.

Level is right at the bottom of the net pot… roots are in the water

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Any other information I can get you? Def need help.

So I take it there is not an AN schedule for DWC? That would make me kind of unhappy to do that.

Rez level should be 1 1/2 to 2" below net pot and allow air bubbles to wet the bottom of air pot. You could be having some damping off issues which would look kind of like that.

Yes, there’s an AN schedule for DWC, I figured most people here would know the Gen hydro schedule, and it’s basically the same, so I referenced it.

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Threw me off haha.

Were the pictures taken within an hour either way of lights out or on?

No, after about 5 hours on

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Everything sounds good except for water level. Once you sort that out you probably will be fine. You are staying conservative with nutes which is good but if light color continues you may want to up the N a bit.

Do you run Hydroguard or similar in your bucket? That’s a good idea too.

I dropped the water level, let’s see if it improves

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What is hydroguard?

Hydro guard helps protect roots from rot & etc. I see it used a lot when folks have trouble keeping temps down. (I have a water chiller and haven’t’ had to use it myself).
Temps should be 65-80 degrees Fahrenheit. Under 70 or below degrees provides the most oxygenation of the water. The higher the temp, the more difficult it is to keep enough dissolved oxygen in the water.

To be clear I wasn’t suggesting using different nutrients and schedules at the same time. I used GH before and loved it, but changed to Jack’s because I get the same yields much cheaper all other things equal.


Yeah; I’m going to transition to 3-2-1 when I set up after moving. Growers on here that have been using it quite happy.

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