Help please! Spots (?) on leaves - first time grower outdoor

Hello guys :smiley:

First-time posting and first-time grower here in need of some advice and active feedback on these 3 beautiful queens!
I have noticed these spots on a couple of leaves a couple of days ago and I kept an eye on them to see if they would spread/enlarge or get worse and after three days, the spots look more or less the same.

Plant 1:

The other 2 plants have the same spots but a lot less
Plant 2:

Plant 3

Hopefully, these additional details might be helpful:
Green Gelato Automatic RQs, today is the first day of the 4th week

• What strain: Green Gelato Automatic RQs
• Method: Soil, Bio Bizz Light Mix
• Vessels: Classic Pots of plastic
• PH of Water, Solution, runoff: NA
• PPM/TDS or EC of nutrient solution if applicable: only nutrient I have added to the soil before planting the seeds is “Easy Boost” slow-release fertilizer that will remain active for 10-12 weeks.
• Indoor or Outdoor: Outdoor
• Temps; during the day temp varies from 18 degrees celsius to 27/28 and at night is between 18 and 23.
• Humidity; NA
• Ventilation system; Natural
• AC, Humidifier, De-humidifier: NA
• Co2; Yes

Any advice will be much appreciated! Thank you!

Check for pests

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I checked for pests, couldn’t find any!

Hmm maybe a deficiency then sorry I’m no help

Can’t understand it either…
Thank you anyway!

Let me tag a few people @OGIncognito @MeEasy @Underthestairs @Covertgrower can u guys advise


A few minor blemishes are nothing to worry about. Your plant is doing fine.


Thank you… being the first time loads of questions goes through my mind!


Thanks for the tag D … hi @CuriosNewbie welcome to the neighborhood and the only thing I see and say is


Welcome to the forum. It’s all been said. Looking good


Thank you for all your replies so far guys! Really appreciate the support! :heart:


Nothing to worry about. Could be a little hot spot from nutrient. Leaves bunched up together when they were beginning to form at the nodes will indent each other. Looking good!


Looks like nothing to worry about could be a flight potassium defiency causing the spots they don’t seem to be getting worse are they?

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A little update on how is it going… @Dclark intuition was right and I should’ve checked better for pests because in the past 4 days I have noticed these little monsters ( Thrips) wandering around the leaves and steam; I must say they are not many (or at least this is what I’ve seen with the magnifying glass). I applied some water and “neem oil” 2 days ago and I will keep an eye to see the development of this.

As usual, any advice is much appreciated!

Thrips pics:

Bugs spots: (zoom in)

As an overall development, I think is not bad how big their grown, of course, all of them have different sizes but we are the beginning of 6th week today.