Help please-Sexxing

It’s gotten pretty big n been growing for months outside in the ground. I should be able to tell sex by now, but I can’t. I don’t see any hairs or nuts. Can someone give me some advice please

To early to tell but this is a cause for concern.

Some kind of wee ing material that is all over that area.

@Myfriendis410 What do you think?

This is the 3rd photo from the bottom to up. Also looks like its leaning to its Sativa roots.

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They kind of look like dandelion seeds?


No clue personally. I haven’t seen a dandelion since I moved to South Texas in June 2010. Back home billions of them.

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It’s cotton wood. It falls from the trees like crazy this time of year in NM. Gets all over everything so annoying. Looks like it’s snowing sometimes lol


How is it too early to tell, I’ve had plants way smaller and at 6th node that show sex. This one is way older and bigger. Should already be showing signs of sex. Only plant I’ve ever seen that didn’t show sex by now. I thought I just couldn’t see or was missing something