Help! Please! Possible mold

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I had issues with one cola. Took two leaves off found this. Only on one cola rn. What do I do

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How do I know whether the rest have it now or not? Kinda trippen now

Just go 3-4 inches below that one and cut it off. Carefully.
I’d err on the side of caution and toss that piece.
Open it up to check after it’s out of the room / tent. Likely brown / gray at the stem.
You can spray some 3 % h2o2 mixed 50/50 with water to kill any stray spores on and around that area.
Lights off when you spray and turn your fans on after spraying.
Get a bit better air exchange in the tent if you can. Humidity shoot for 40% or less till harvest.
Once mold starts it can spread pretty quickly to the rest of the tent.
Best of luck. :v::pray:

Edit :

Unfortunately you don’t.
I’d suggest a bud wash at harvest to be sure.