Help plant looking bad

They started looking bad yesterday. I thought it was the osc fan hitting it , so i moved it up today looking worse. Any ideas

Looks like a root zone issue.


Thanks myfriend I think your right. Water level is to close to net pots right now. But I can’t lower it because of a plumbing problem. I’ll have to drain the system, adjust my hump pipe and refill. Should i do it immediately?

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I would get it adjusted as soon as conveniently possible.

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Thanks my friend. Last might i left the pump off so water level dropped @1
They looked a bit better this morning.
I just drained, cut tent so pipe could lay over. Now i am about 2” from the net pots and i have a lot more in my rez. Just have to wait now.
Thanks for all your help i can relax now.

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