Help New Tent Grower

Notorious THC , flowering stage (extended) , temperature hasnt dropped below 80 , humidity kept at 45-60 , lighting is between 40% - 80% , feeding schedule twice a week (fox farm) . 12 off 12 on , exhaust is set on 4 in the infinity tent .

What should I do ?


The pot looks dry could try watering for run off 20-25% check the ppms of the run off see where it is. Feeding more frequently may help you out. Temps sometimes we can only do what we can for what we have to work with. Mix up a gal of nutrients according to ff feed schedule see what the ppms are if your run off is close to it feed nutrients everytime. Welcome to the community.


Someone more expert may weigh in, but plants consume the fan leaves while flowering? Maybe it’s just that?


Welcome @Fhill25 ! I agree a runoff test is helpful. What size pots


This is only my opinion.
I would drop temps if you can.
Raise humidity just a little 50/55
Lower light intensity.
Check ppm of runoff.

Definitely appears to be a root zone problem, probably salt buildup.

Take it easy on her until she gets back on track.


5 gallon

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Cool just wondering.
@Jungle that is a bit plus more going on, margins and tips, leaf shape. Im not a FF user but lots here kniw more than I, good luck!

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Are you following FF flushing schedule? Looks more of a ph issue or possibly lockout. Id def do a runoff and check ph and ppm.

This is normal yellowing at the bottim of a plant when the plant starts to consume.