Help needed-2nd time grower, 1st indoor grow…

Hey Yall, first time indoor grow, I roasted a food fair share of my first batch due to, too high of temp on my grow lights. Embarrassing , but true. I need help on over watering please…

I’ve had two plants go down w/in a week due to over watering. How can I save them?

I have grown outdoor once and it was a. Impélete success, this time around indoor, is a different story.

I have some good girls flexin, but recently lost two minis due to over watering. Anyway I can save the two that are going down?

Much love fam-


Are they in soil?

If so… The only way is to let them dry out between waterings. It will also solve your fungus gnats issues(I assume from the fly tape).

Water when the plants show a need for the water… Get used to how the plants and pots weigh when dry… Then… You can water when they’re dry… Or very close to dry and not worry about over watering.

Over watering is not watering too much in one watering… As you should “feed” water up to 20% of run off. But always let it dry between.

Over watering is watering too often.


Welcome to the forum, @joshdav1999

Nothing to be embarassed about. Its the first time you were in control of the sun. Well, a mini sun anyways.
If you still need help with that, let me know. We will get ya figured out.

Can you describe go down?

This is solid advice from The O all the way to the n. You could pour 500 gallons through your soil in one day and it wouldnt be an overwater. If you poured 1 cup in the day after that…overwater.

Indoor is different for sure.

Tell me about your water and your watering habbits. What kind if water are you using? Ph and tds going in? How much and how often?
Runoff? What about fertilizer? Other additives?

What soil are you using and did you add anything too it.

That last plant looks pretty dang ruff.
Soil looks kinda dry for overwatering.

You are in the right place brother. All kindsa skilled growers handing out knowledge around here.


Welcome to the community, a good way to determine when plants need watered is by lifting an checking the weight of the pots Before and after watering. ( Wet to dry cycle in soil ) Happy growing!


Thank you for the reply FiFi…yes they are In soil. I effed up by watering back to back, due to a trip I recently took.

Anyway I can save an over watered plant? I would say no. I cut them to try to stimulate growth and the immature leaves are having a hard time growing. Lessons learned.

Embarrassed but real-


@joshdav1999 Other than letting the soil dry… Give it time… Use fabric pots has helped a lot… Good soil… Roots Organics Original is awesome…was recommended to me on here by @BobbyDigital and I haven’t looked back… Great soil… With good watering habits and good soil… I haven’t had one pest (fungus gnat) issue for years.

If your thinking of tossing them… You could stress them more and remove them from the wet dirt and put them in moist new soil… But… It would be an experiment as far as I am concerned.

Patience could win…it only a plant… Unless you’re short on good seeds.

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