Help my girls are dying

Please help i woke up and my plants are sick. I have been watering at 5.8 ph and am growing in coco with 4-4-4 and worm castings. All has been good till now. I just ph them and they are at 7.5 . Im using dry ammendments btw. Pls help.


Not sure of the problem there unless it’s the dark green leaves??

What do you think is the problem? :v::sunglasses:

The ph is at 7.5 overnight i need to get it back to 5.8 asap. How do i do so without harming plants

Well, they certainly are NOT dying. They may be showing early signs of a nitrogen toxicity based on how dark green the leaves are…

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There were yellow spots appearing and a piece of the leaf was gone as well

I saw the leaf with the chunk missing. I assumed that was some damage induced by you. If not, then have you checked closely for pests? As for your pH, I don’t grow in coco, but where was the high reading taken, on runoff water?

No pest triple verified

Adding the worm castings will add nitrogen to your run off numbers if you too dressed that versus a tea that’s been mixed and PHd

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