Help my babies now what’s wrong


the whole crew

They are all planted in my greenhouse room in fox pro soil

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How long they been in flower for

I’d want to pluck a couple of the spotted ones off and inspect them very carefully. They could take a bit of defoliation anyhow. They look to be low on the plant, if it looks like dried up water and you’ve been splashing it in the leaves maybe that’s all it is. My fear would be some kind of bugs though.

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They have been in flowering since 3/3 I just finished trimming again. No bugs any where.

Here is what they looked separately before trimming

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Here’s after trimming

Processing: 9E966C04-063F-4100-8E88-C6F520C842D0.jpeg…

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I forgot this one. I have 5 now

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Nice trim work! It could be the beginning of a phosphorus deficiency, but we’d need more info to advise. What are you using for fertilizer, pH and EC of your water, and environmental conditions, at least.

What else you got going there @Hotstuffmom? Are those some hot peppers I see?

How’s my girls looking now As for nutrients I not sure what is being used I have someone else take care of that. I water with water that has sat in buckets for 24 hrs before used

The room is built in side of my veg room were I keep outdoor plants in during the winters

I also am growing all types of tomatoes, peppers, flowers and herbs. I love to play in the dirt