Help my 1st ever plant just wilted On me!

Let me just say this is my 1st grow ever! And I choose hydro. The plant was doing great! Then, 2 days ago I I changed my water out and cleanse out the bucket . I did choose to use different nutrients than the plant is used to, but the nutrients measured out the same just a differ brand. I woke up this morning not only to my poor baby wilting, but also… the PH balance keeps going up to around 8… so now I need help… I apologize if I am not using the correct terms. I am very… very … new . Can anyone help?

How much air is it getting?

Ummm it’s just out in the open in the garage. Should i get it a fan? Bc it doesn’t have on at the moment. Again I am super new to all this.

Sorry, the roots, do you have an air pump giving air to the roots? This is hydro.

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Yes I do … it has a bubble stone in it. Should I turn it up more? It looks like the water is simmering if that makes sense

the bubble air is circulating the water . This morning i found my 1st leaf drop. And some of the under leaves are curling and burned at the tip. The plant is 3 feet away form the light and the leafs that are burning are the new young leaves under the plants bigger leaves.

What is your water source?

I think it might do you well to fill out a support ticket. How are you checking ph and nutes?
I notice your plant is getting kind of big for a 5 gal bucket. When she goes into flower she will drink a gal of water in a days time.


Thinking you need more airflow to the roots, that’s why she looks wilty.


I have a ph tester and I do not have anything to test nutrients. The ph is around 5.9 how do I fill out a support ticket

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If you change water and the new water level is to high it will drown plant and make leaves wilt as yours have.
Make sure water level is 2 inch below bottom of net pot.

Turn air up if possible. A rolling boil look to air bubbles is perfect.

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I don’t have a copy of support ticket on my phone but you can search on here and will find it.
There is also a lot of good DWC grow advise and plenty of people on here that grow hydro I’m just starting but I’m hoping I’ve read enough to get by with at least till I can tweak things to get it right… (I hope!) :sunglasses:

Ok I will look at the water level. As for the leaves curling and burning. Will that be a cause of drowning a Plant as well?

@Xtina08x I didnt see the burning. Drowning doesnt burn plants.

I think it might could be either or. I mean if you water too much they can weep and droop like that. Also, if she gets thirsty she may exhibit similar symptoms.


Hydroponic, or Coco?

System type?

PH of runoff or solution in reservoir?

What is strength & type of nutrient mix?

Indoor or Outdoor?

Light system, size?

Temps; Day & Night?

Humidity; Day & Night?

Ventilation system; Yes, No, ?

AC, Humidifier, De-humidifier?

If you can, answer questions as much as possible.

Feel free to tag folks by putting the @ symbol In front of their name like @Covertgrower or @spyonyou or anybody.

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Here is a pic


Hydro works great if all the elements are in balance!
Heres what should be done.
Mix solution and check for EC, if the EC is good then check the ph, if the ph is good then do a complete change out. Be advised that ph can change shortly after this is done and should be checked periodically as should the EC.
Once this has been done satisfactorily, ensure the solution level is 2/3 the space between the bottom of the net pot and the bottom of the bucket, this ensures the upper portion of the root is collecting oxygen and the lower food and water.
Ebsure the bubbler is agitating sufficiently. All light to the solution is blocked off. Ideally a sight glass, ( plastic tube ) should be installed before all this happens so water level is easy to check on the fly. You can also drain the bucket that way if needed.
Lastly the solution should be cool, ideally around room temperature or slightly cooler 72f is not too bad. Too warm and thats bad.
Go through all of these things and check them off. If you have spare bucket that can be helpful if you need to do maintenance, such as install a grommet and a 90 in the bottom of the bucket for a sight glass.


That’s the first problem: OP doesn’t have a meter. So: first thing is to buy a meter. They’re cheap. While you’re at it tell us what PH meter you have as well.

You have nute burn showing but like @HappyHydroGrower pointed out it could be a combo. Water level 2" below net pot, rolling boil on air, solution concentration no higher than 750 ppm (1.5 EC) for entire veg.

What is reservoir temp? How do roots look? Are they slimy? Do you run something like Hydroguard? What are temps in your grow space? Sorry but all relevant.


yeah we take all this for granted as being fairly obvious after a while, but yeah its all super relevant! And to the OP, not to be unkind, but liquid hydro is generally not for beginners because its a very exact science. When things arent perfect the plant will show it immediately!

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Hey there my ph is sitting at 5.8. Roots turned brown. I did take a sample leaf to a hydroponic store and the looked at it.they Give some recommendations. I flushed the system gave it new water and nutrients and adjusts ph. It’s hasn’t bounced back. I did not have a ppe meter but I did purchase one today. I wasnt aware of the water temp being in between a veritable temp. Which is fine I will install a temp sensor in the water as well as a temp/hum sensor around the plant . I don’t have a tent it is an open garage. I though it was burn too but now I think it might me nutrient lock. I picked hydro bc i have grown other hydro vegetables. But this is my 1st time growing this type of plant. I do appreciate all the knowledge. And I am learning very quickly. So I do appreciate all of the feed back. At this point I feel I should toss it out and go again with all the knowledge u all have provided. I have also invested in a reverse osmosis water.

Here is a pic of my ph meter

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