Help me out here please

@BobbyDigital somehow I switched to desk top view. Dont like it cant find how to go back. Help please…


3 lines, top right, next to profile pic. Select and then choose Mobile view.


Figured it out!!!thanks.


Hey @Audiofreak ever heard of PK sound?

Is that a brand?


If you don’t know it you may be interested, a couple friends of mine are affiliated with them and they are a company out of Calgary. I mean around here they are all the rage, however they have been international for a while now and their technology is I Geuss ground breaking but I just figured ide see if you knew of them or what you thought of them since the opinion around here is pretty bais.
I mean my one buddy has about 250k sitting in his garage of their gear lol

I’m an old vintage analog kinda guy. Strictly 2 channel solid state. Have an Oppo bdp for CDS (only didital equip I have.) To get in perspective if someone wanted a New audio system with comparable sound to my main system they better have 40,000.00 to spend. That why I like vintage.

Ahhhh okay okay I gotcha, I respect that.

When I get a big house I’m going to get a nice stereo but for now it’s just a really good sound bar and sub woofer with two portable batterie powered Bluetooth PA speakers for camping

I got it bad! LOL if the 4rd violinist on the 3rd row cuts one while the recording is happening…I’m gonna hear it!


That’s funny man

It’s a sickness. I spent 3,000.00 so I could listen to records. And that’s not “High End”. Have a friend that has that much in his needle (cartredge).

When you get to a certain level it get real stupid real fast! I’ve reached the point of diminishing returns and to improve (audibly) at this point would cost more than I have…

Yeah I can understand that.

These days most decent systems make me happy, I grew up with digital. My dad had the JVC full setup 300 disk changer, double tapes so I could make mix tapes for my friends at school, amp, and 4 big tower speakers hung on the roof.

My car is a 2010 and I want to change the sound so bad since I had a 3k system in my 2nd car which was way better but as an adult I just can’t justify putting money into a vehicle lol.

And for the small home I own now the Samsung soundbar and woofer I bought, after my Sony 5.1 died, works great.
A quality water proof shock proof Bluetooth speaker for out of town trips hotels etc is all we need and the cheap Chinese PA speakers with batteries allow us sound when we go camping.

It’s all nothing special and we love good sound considering when we go to an event or even a friend’s little bush event the stereo costs as much as some people’s houses lol.

A nice sound system is sooooo pivotal to enjoying a space however. So as long as your enjoying your space who cares.
Ours is okay but when we move I’ll definitely be putting in a multi zone system with some quality stuff.
Nothing like yours though sheesh! I’m glad my growing hobby is cheap your audio hobby is expensive!

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Ended up selling a couple of pieces of kit to fund this hobby. This one ain’t cheep either but audio can be crazy.

So true.

I was watching a how stuffs made show and seen that they were making Canadian speakers so I thought hey why not check out this local manufacturer of home audio since PK doesn’t do home audio.

PSB speakers… Yeah out of my price range even for a bookshelf speaker set

Classe Audio is a Canadian company that has built some top class (no pun intended) amps for many years. Real nice stuff.

Good to know, ide give you a like but I’m all out for 4 more hours lol

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