Help me decide what to grow!

Hey folks,

After a long time being out of the game, I’m back in. I plan on moving to a legal state and growing my own in the next year or so.

Because there’s been so much in the way of development, new strains, potency, etc., in the time since I smoked, I need some help. Here are the things I’m looking for, the things I want to avoid, and other important information. If you wouldn’t mind, based on those things, please share your top three suggestions.

  • Location will be in New England
  • Both indoor and outdoor will be possible
  • The strain doesn’t have to be super potent
  • I would love to find something that gives me the same effect as 2 or maybe 3 beers … just enough to take the edge off after a long day and turn down the noise in my head.
  • I would like a strain that reduces anxiety.
  • I think I prefer fast acting. Easier to titrate to effect.
  • Euphoria is good.
  • I love blueberries, and enjoy many other berries and fruits (notably, I do not like grapefruit)
  • I don’t care for strains that are strongly piney, woody, spicy, or earthy
  • I would like to find a strain that smells as good as it tastes, and vice versa (I recall a friend who had some herb – 20ish years ago now – that smelled AMAZING. It smelled so fruity and sweet it was almost like a very high quality perfume. Didn’t get the chance to try it, but it smelled heavenly.)
  • Sweet tasting is a big plus

Those are the things I can think of for the moment. If you have any other questions that will help you help me, just ask!

Thanks everyone!

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Sour Diesel (which grows well in New England) would be my top choice: not too high potency, skunky as can be with fuel overtones that sound terrible but aren’t haha. Using a strain called ‘Nightingale’ that is a high CBD, mild THC cannabis strain.

Get on Leafly and look around then if you have specific strains to inquire about; put up your Q’s here.


Can always go with an auto flower up there as ruderalis can handle cold better than its counterparts.

I agree diesel is very popular in the NE - can’t go wrong there. I love the Grandaddy Purp, instant berry taste.

I’m in New England.
I love Bruce banner, California dream for outdoors.
GDP is great for indoors.
All the widows are easy grows with good yields.

Blue Dream is a wonderful strain. You get the Blueberry smell. I don’t know about taste as I don’t have full taste buds due to a chemical accident back in 1992. Some idiot through a good amount of Xylene in a garbage can and I got a big dose of it. Never been the same since.

Maybe blueberry auto? Good thc and cdb, makes for a well balanced high.

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I was just gonna say this.

@PurpNGold74 I nuked a little nug this morning. Yum yum. I have either 2 or 3 Blue Dream growing. I can’t wait till November when I can truly enjoy BD again.

I chose ilgm Blue Dream as my prize this month. I’ll be looking forward to it, in 5-6 months. :weary:

I’m also in New England. I grew super skunk outdoors and it was an easy grow and smells incredible. Highly recommend for outdoors because I had no budrot what so ever and yield was great. Most dense buds I have ever grown.


Howd u nuke it? I have some early buds drying an am ready to try it. Plus outta bought bud

I took a mason jar and put a nug in it. Placed in microwave and nuked for 1 minute on the high setting. I found that on this forum actually.

I won’t use the big nugs…just the small popcorn ones. Not much to them. The nug does come out with the crunchy feel if you decard in a oven.

Hmmm. Well lets see how dry she is

Hold on a sec…link inbound.

Haha i mean my bud. Its almost there. I put it in a bag by the fan. If all else fails microwave it is

I did mine on high even after a week of drying. Not the best thing to do but at least I know my Blue Dream will need to be smoked in smaller amounts. After I smoked a bowl I fell asleep for 3 hours.

I’ve been doing some reading based on recommendations, and the Nightingale variety sounds really nice! I’m not sure about Sour Diesel, though. Multiple sources say that SD is an energizing strain, which is pretty much the opposite of what I’m looking for after work. Would you agree with the assessment that it’s energizing? Thanks!

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It’s less couch lock than, say, Crystal. But it’s not a Jack Herer either. But yes; if you are looking for couch lock, Nightingale ought to be good with the higher CBD content. I have some on the shelf and it’s got a lovely aroma and is modestly ‘stony’.

Looks like Blue Dream is popular, along with GDP. Blueberry also sounds really good, as does Nightingale (based on descriptions I read).

I’d be interested to hear your views on those strains in terms of energizing vs. relaxing. I deal with anxiety, so something that’s relaxing / euphoric / calming is more along the lines of what I think I’m looking for.


By the way, thank you all for chiming in to help me out. Genuinely appreciated.

@anxiolytic Afghan Kush maybe up your alley. Blue Dream does have a wonderful sweet blueberry aroma. Bubba Kush willtake you for a ride.

I do what is called Salad Bowls. I’ve done up to 15 strains at the same time. You truly go on a ride if you have others you can cater to what you want. It’s not easy to find what you want for strains.

I did a 8 strain salad bowl for a friend and after the first hit he looked like he died. Was out for 1 minute and came back to us.