Help me analyze my older leaf damage

This is my first grow. I was playing with ph and ppm on my alien moon rocks and hit my first problem. Infinity 3x3 tent. Exhaust and circ fan with 69 controller. Hydroponic setup with 6 gallon reservoir. FCe4800 light at 15” and fogger system. General Hydroponics flora. Day 24. Temps hovering mid 70’s and RH mid 60’s. Ph was around 6.3 and ppm was 1200. I added white vinegar and dropped ph to 5.8 but decided to empty the reservoir and replenish. Ph was now 6.1 and ppm was 480 but ph rose to 6.5 in two days despite adding vinegar. The following day I saw the leaf damage.

I suspected calcium and magnesium deficiency after some research. Today I drained the system again and added more GH flora, fish shit and cal-mag. Ph is 6.1 and ppm is 1080. So, I’m hoping to turn this around although I don’t know what is actually happening. Anyone have a suggestion or observation?


FC-E 4800 was a very decent light for me. Welcome to the forum. Hopefully a hydro grower will be in soon to assist you. :100::pirate_flag:

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Let me tag @Myfriendis410 for hydro questions

These are the lower leaves in that first pic. I’m adding more pics of the plant prior to damage but it’s not close up. These are about day 19.

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It looks like P deficiency but I don’t have enough information to diagnose anything yet.

Can you fill this out?