Help Male or female

Help Help This is a fruity pebble from the Dutch It;s 2 !/2 months put it in bloom and I cant tell what it is looks like nuts but I’m not sure,


I think male

Looks like it . Male

Male for sure ! Pull it . Sorry brother .

If it’s male how long do I have before he does damage in the grow room been it bloom about a week

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Not very long @willie2397. As others said. Pull it. :v:

If you want to harvest pollen, you can bird dog the most mature pods that will probably be at the stem junctions and once they are hanging down look for a section starting to lift up or separate, pull the sack, set in cup and dry for a few days. Grab with tweezers and gently butt end again st glass wall, yellow pollen will fall out.

Or, Like in high school… “cover me I’m going in”, put a condom on it.