Help....low soil ph in flower

Help me i’ve been using rain water caught in a drum to water potted plants started seeing deficiencies till i realized my soil had been leached now i have low soil ph in week 5 of flower how can i restore soil to optimal ph quickly???

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What is the PH and soil you’re using :love_you_gesture:


Are your plants showing signs of a problem? Sometimes people try too hard to control the soil pH based on inaccurate readings or improper methods of testing. Keep in mind that runoff water from feedings doesn’t always give you an accurate idea of the soil pH.

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Im using a soil mix i made promix earthworm casting perlite and gia green 444 and bloom was my starting mix and top fed with gia green accordingly

So sorry i was busy with work

The run off ph is 5.6-5.8

Yes they are ill send photos

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Thats 2 plants both with the same problem

:point_up_2: most likely the culprit. Soil PH should be 6.3-6.8 with 6.5 being the sweet spot. I would suspect the low PH is preventing nutrient absorption mainly potassium and phosphorus in this stage of flower :love_you_gesture:


I agree although it is minor for the point you’re at in the grow. You won’t see any improvement in leaves but will slow progression if it’s properly in range. Promix has peat in it and may buffer at a lower PH than 6.3. That said; I grow everything at 6.0.

You might want to water to runoff and take a TDS measurement of the runoff: that will give you a good idea of which way to jump—water or supplement.

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I know its the water because i have other plants else where that i use tap water to water them and no problems…the problem is i use rain water the ppm reading on my rain water is 20 ppm i think lack of minerals leached my soil

Oh my bad the run off ok ill do that next watering

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Potassium deficiency. I’m dealing with the same thing but mine is because it’s root locked or hydro locked whatever you call it. Mine isn’t taking in water well because of it and the uptake tanked

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What can we do just thug it all the way thru? Well we live and learn next round ill be better