Help its too damn hot!

I started some LSD auto and droped them in to some good soil. It started out great shooting up and looking great. A couple of weeks later i started a Bruce Banner and again started out like it should. Then the weather took a hard turn and got record setting high. My girls started wilting. Its not like i can dig them up and move them inside. They are still alive but just badly hurting. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


Im still new to this, but maybe you could try making a shade cloth, for example


Yah build some shade for ur girls use pvc piping and pvc corners and shade cloth and zip ties and because its so hot u may want to give th abit more water to help combat the heat

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I just got a news alert!!
If you live in the south east of USA
There will be high temp alerts tomorrow. It’s is advised you stay in your house from 12pm July 11 until October


Calling it in early this year lol. 102° here today.

Its been a battle in Central Virginia. I’ve had to water 2x a day a couple of days.