Help identify plant

Not sure what this is

We have WW and GDP. This is our latest WW grow about 7 weeks in. Does not look like any of the other WW plants we had or the GDP. If anyone could tell me what this one is it would be appreciated

So it’s actually impossible to distinguish cannabis in any form without a sample and a genetics lab that has the genome on file.
Sorry =0

Looks like it’s very small though, lack of lighting improper environmental issues medium. Nutrients.

Might be best to start fresh and get some advice here before you drop the seed so we can guide you from start to a successful harvest.
Start a grow journal when your ready and feel free to tag me @ Nicky

Thanks for the quick reply. I was just curious. Had not seen any of the others grow like this. Even our first ones had way different grows. This one just kinda came out of left field. We’ve been tweaking our procedures and going for consistency with some small success until this. Going to treat it as a one off at this point.


Sometimes that happens, I had several harvests of white widows with no problems , then I got one that grew a Max 18 inches, fox tailed horribly , and all around just off.

Sometimes. Genetics gets you I’ve had one grow super thing spiral flowers…