Help!. I don't know what happened to my G.G

Hello this morning my G.G woke up like this. I watered one day ago also I top last Thursday.
Yesterday before I went to bed I checked the plants, they were ok.
The other plants are ok.
I was planning to transplant but I’m not sure if I can do it having the plant like that.

3 weeks since sprouted
water.PH: 6.5.
Soil: Fox farm ocean forest
Nutrients or fertilizer ? No
What type of lighting are you using?
LED 30" far away from the canopy
What are the temps in your grow space?
Day 79° F / Night 76° F
What is the RH = relative humidity in your grow space?
60%- 70% Day / 60%- 70% Night
AC ON , Humidifier ON, De-humidifier OFF.


It’s time for a transplant to a larger pot.


Agreed, time to transplant. :heavy_check_mark:


What is the Best time for transplant, right before the lights go out or early in the first hours of light?
Does it matter?

I do mine after lights been on for a hour, you may want to lower you light seems like a lot of stretch between nodes


Agree with the transplanting.
Still the wilting should no be happening. Looks like maybe your soil became too dry.
Sometimes when you water dry soil the water will run down the outside of the dirt and out of the cup. If it feels light you should water very slowly letting it soak in well. If its heavy it is probably just a little wilt from watering.


Transplant I agree. One of my Grape Apes did this to me Saturday and transplanted yesterday. Came right out of it by sunset.

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Transplant time. Are there drainage holes in the cup?

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Yes the cup has holes.

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Thanks :pray:

Put that lady in a 5 gallon fabric pot with cannabis friendly soil and she will take off like you hit her with a shot of Steroids.


Oh yeah. Move her to her forever home. Easier to transplant if you let the soil dry out a day.


Are there any drain holes in that cup

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It’s been 5 days since I transplant this girls. They’re looking good.