Help! How can I save my plants?

I started trying to grow a week ago so I am really new to it.
I am using HulkBerry Automatic seeds with bio terra plus from Canna and Easy Boost Organic Nutrition and growing them on my balcony, there is a lot of sun.

About 1 day ago my plants are not growing anymore, and some leafs are getting dried out.

Is there any salvation for my plants? And what I am doing wrong?

Thanks to all in advance.

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It just sprouted, give it some time to establish roots and it will start growing. Important thing right now is to not overwater them.


Did u pop some holes in the bottom of those little cups for drainage?

And Welcome!

The first picture is from a plant with 1 week of life
The second one is at 2 weeks of life, but it has that same size for about a week
And aren’t a bad sign that the rounds leafs are getting dried out?

So they sprouted 2 weeks ago now? First post says they are a week old.

I am sorry about that. I miss typed it and can’t edit the post now.

The first picture is from a 1 week plant, that I started at 07 of setember
The second picture is from a 2 weeks plant. that I started at 31 august

For both I used the paper towel method, wait 2 days for the seed to have the main root and leafs were trying to pop out, and changed them to little cup

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Yea. I have holes on the bottom and some holes at the sides for airflow

And thanks for the welcome :smiley:

So 2 days after putting in paper towel you had a tap root and leaves? That’s really fast. I usually plant the seeds with just a very small tap root. I’m wondering if maybe you still just have a single tap root.

Yes, the tap root and leaves trying to break out of the shell then I moved to the little cup it grew a little bit more and the shell dropped and the leaves sprouted.
It grew to the size that is in the pictures and it stopped and the cotyledons started to get dry and die.

Getting past the seedling stage is usually the hardest part of growing. Don’t overwater. I put a couple of ml at the base of the seedling with an eyedropper every few days or so. They really don’t need a lot of light. I use a 7 watt led from one of the box stores. Stalls in growing are common when the plant is putting down roots. As for losing leaves, it happens and is not always an indicator of a problem. At this point all you can do is observe that the problem doesn’t get worse.

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@oldmarine @cocidiuz @dbrn32

HELP!!! One of my plants is turning yellow.

Purple haze

Picture below. About 4 weeks from harvest, I think. What should I do?

Could it be a nutrient lock out? Others are ok, I think.

I had a friend that grows and she told me to I need to put a little bit more water since I’m using coco as soil so Iam trying to balance it to now let the ground get dried. How many hours should I let them in the sun?

the 1 week old died out. I wake up to her resting on the soil with what it looked like a broken stem. :frowning:

So I dig it out and there is just the single tap root. (the furs in the pic is from my cats xD )

The 2 weeks old appear to be growing now.

I use coco coir pellets for my seedlings. I make sure they are well soaked when I put the seed in and just add a few ml every other day or so.


Looks like you just had the single tap root that never expanded.

@Tula you should probably make your own thread if you want answers on your grow.

Oops. Sorry.

Apologies. I JUST figured out how to maneuver in the forum. Guess I was just a bit finger happy.

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No worries brother…chit happens. Not trying to be rude I just know you will get more responses :v:

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