Help high ph of run off

Thanks coach. Will report back in 3 weeks. Take care for now.

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Hey hope all is well. Things are going pretty soild. The super skunks in the jungle growth soil are doing well. They actually just started to fade a little. The one in plastic pot had a slight hiccup but shes back on track ppm steady at each feed since we last talked ppm of all 3 are 1010 and ph is holding at 6.56. The ones in the happy frog dawrf the jungle growth soil ones in mass . The stalks are twice as big and they are much greener and healthier. I put them in flower tent about 5 days ago , they are right at 900 ppm now with a ph of 6.5.

I should be to the point on the skunks end of next week where i can start feeding them water only for two weeks before harvest. After the happr frong grow i plan to do a clean on tent before i start next batch will be doing som blue dream , bruce banner and gorilla glue.

I just want to give a high five to @Lostgirl ! You help a lot of folks on here and it’s evident that you do it because you care about people and their plants! Your enthusiasm reminds me of when I started, could not get enough! (Still can’t) Just wanted to give you an ATTA GIRL for what you do for others. Carry on with ya bad self!


She is definitely deserves her praises. She has been a tremendous help and blessing. Its folk like @Lostgirl that makes world go round. Simply amazing


Glad everything is going well. Hopefully your doing good in the heatwave. We’ve been in the triple digits for about two straight weeks. My indoor tent grow is reaching temperatures in the tent at 85 to 90° during the day. And that’s with air conditioning.

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Thank you for the kind words


Same here 110 during days with heat index. Its pretty rough being im a roofer lol.

Oh :poop:, that’s the absolute worst job on the planet in the heat.

Lostgirl :pray:’s for @Bluedream1

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Only 28 days old. Average 25 in tall. My tent full of Super Giants

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Them some pretty ladies. How long do you veg for?

There auto flower

Oh nice. By the way , have you ever heard of using brown paper bags to help dry flower?

I do it all the time. I hang my weed to dry in a room that’s 60° and 60% humidity for 5 days then I put them into Brown paper bags sealed for one day, unsealed the next day, sealed for one more day and then I put them in mason jars burping them twice a day for 20 minutes each time until the relative humidity in the jar is between 58 and 63 then I transfer them to Grove bags for 6 months

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Ok , so i guess the 2 week cure thing is b.s lol . Im not sure i could keep a stash for 6 months lol. Guess i better make use of ol big Bertha and get more plants going lol

I’ve got some that’s been curing for over a year. One hit that ass shit.

I don’t smoke but 1 hit a month

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Goodness … i wish i had that type resilience and patience lol. My flower usually gone by the 4th week of curing lol. But i get a lot of whats called larf i guess. Little tiny buds. Im gonna do my best to do 2 months on some of my harvest this go round

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On small grows I can get all dence buds. On big grows like this, I’ll get larf on the bottom layer

Yeah i try to grow them as big as i can i. 4 to 6 weeks of veg. Usually 3 to 4 plants at a time.

I Like to grow nothing but Giants

My first plant was 4.5 feet tall. Pineapple express. Didn’t get much but it was decent for a first grown i was shocked i made it harvest lol . Pulled it way to early