Help flowering to soon. Top broke off. Put it in pot and both started growing when a foot tall

My plants are flowering to soon.
I had the top break off of my plant. I stuck it in dirt and it started to grow.
Problem is both started blooming


If it’s an auto, then you can’t do anything really. They are on their own timeline. If it’s a photo, you can reveg by putting in on an 18/6 light cycle. It will take a few weeks to get back to normal veg state.

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Can figure out how to attach photos

Photos are helpful. But is your plant an autoflower of photoperiod?

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How to share photos

Then reply button

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Get BlueMail for Android

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I hate to be the bearer of bad news growmie, but these look like male parts.

Im Gonna a tag a few peeps to confirm. @Borderryan22 @beachglass @MidwestGuy @Caligurl


Yeah, those are male pods. Some of them have opened. You’ll want to clean your grow area to get rid of residual pollen before you attempt another grow.


Ack! Yup and that one flower already opened up. Sorry :frowning: Spray it with water and carefully put a plastic trash bag over it, tie tight around the base and cut that sucker down.


Yuuuup. Dude parts.