Help! First timet

So I live in mass and am starting my grow super late (prob middle of August.) Keeping plants in garage as the fall comes. Any advice on how to grow this late in the year with out hydro just using soil and ilm beginner kit.

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Try Google the question there is probably already an existing thread on the subject

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If you are gonna keep in garage you need to keep them warm and they need light

get a cold hardy crop.

im starting ak47 outdoor now, im also in mass and apparently those are good in colder climates. also make sure you get auto flowers.

a root simulator might make them flower faster… good luck and tag for any help.

seriously though you need to start ASAP

I’m with you… Live in Mass and germinated my seeds 1 month ago today. They look great but I’m a greenhorn so it was more of a experiment to see if I could actually do this. So… I’m thinking moving them to the cellar when cold season moves in and add a grow light. I don’t think they will go the required grow period outside. I do live in corn and tobacco country though and I can cover if there is a chance of frost… Damn… I hate the thought of winter!!! They’re about 12" tall as of of this post.

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check out my wwas on the cart:

you may want to do something like this just for ease of moving them back and forth if thats what you do…

remember, the wheel was invented for a reason

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Perfect!! You got that right!!

how much sun do you get? unless its full or near full sun, growing outside wont be practical i dont think

We will be doing it in the garage

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