HELP first time grower: sprout is yellow droppy

I left this AM for a trip and came home 10 hours later. Had no sprout before i left but came home and the sprout was there yellow and drooping.

I planted the germinated seed 48 hours ago and slightly dampened the soil.

I am using fox farm oceans soil.

I did not have the pots under any lights just in the grow tent which is 73 degrees and 34-40 humidity.

Is it too far gone or can i bring this back to life?


All you can do is try! Do you have some lights on her now? She might surprise you!

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Give her lights and put a cut plastic bottle over her for extra humidity and warmth. I want to say it looks good like it’s still trying to open up for the first time but that yellow throws me off.

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I would put a light on it 24 hours a day for a while it might green up

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Did you put it under a light? I don’t think I’ll be able to sleep worrying about her…

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FF Ocean Forest is a great medium but it and Strawberry Fields are hot for seedlings. I usually mix 1:1 Happy Frog and either Ocean or Strawberry Fields with earthworm castings. With this mix I don’t add fertilizer or plant food for the first 35-37 days. How that helps.

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Is there any kind of membrane holding the feed leaves together? I had to perform surgery once with a spritz of water and a needle.

No light might just be lacking the chlorophyll change get some light on it and see what happens might kick green quick.

I added the light asap yesterday and spritzed some water.

I also put ziplock bags on top for increased humidity.

I have my fans going and trying to keep a good temp of 70-80.

Thank you all for the help!

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Let it dry out too.

The soil is to hot :fire:, try a more less seedling starting type dirt until the signature leaves :leaves: grow out before you put them in that dirt .

Things have been better since posting. Thank you all

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